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How To Have Better Sex - News Article

Having better sex is a question of being spontaneous and adventurous.  You must not be afraid to try new things and to keep your mind open.  Listed below are some essentials for better sex:

The Essentials for Better Sex
1) It is a good idea to supplement your sex life with some all natural sex enhancers such as FemElle.  This product is safe to use and can help build both you and your partners excitement for unbelievably sensual sex.  
2) You should always have some lubricant and massage oils on hand.  If you are using condoms please be sure to use water based lubricants only.
3) Sex toys you enjoy.  Vibrators, Dildos...etc
4) A Blindfold - preferably of soft, satiny material for comfort.
5) A pair of hand cuffs or soft tying material for bondage play.
6) Erotic materials to read to each other or sexual films you both find stimulating.
7) A feather or soft brush for sensual playful touching and teasing.
8) Little sexy surprises for your lover. Some silky lingerie, high heels and nothing else on or some or some whip cream...etc.
9) Dental dams, plastic wrap, and condoms for safer sex. Don't forget some latex gloves for sensual stimulation of the anal area without scratching your lover with your nails.
10) And in the fridge, erotic edibles that you love, such as cream, yogurt, jam, sauces, honey and jelly. You'll find that sticky things such as jelly and honey feel fabulous on the genitals when gently warmed. Test the temperature on your inner wrist and then smooth it on and lap it off.


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