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Give a woman an orgasm - News Article

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Men like to have their genitals touched pretty much any time. But women are different. Female sexuality is much more complicated and, to many men, mysterious.

If you want to give a woman an orgasm, the holy grail of fooling around, you’ll need to be patient. You’ll need to maintain an open mind. You’ll need to follow these five steps.

Give a woman an orgasm – Step 1

It’s not “bad” to enjoy sex. Believe it or not, many people think it is. That’s one reason there’s so much repression in the bedroom.

If you want to give a woman an orgasm, you have to help her stop worrying about how much she enjoys herself. She may be afraid that you’ll think she’s a sex fiend if she really lets on how much fun she’s having. So you have to put her at ease. (Sometimes, a candle and a stick of incense can work wonders.)

Start with kissing, and hugging, and nuzzling, and stroking her. Tell her how much you enjoy touching her. Help her relax so she can focus on enjoying herself.

Women worry about the way they look – that if you see some cellulite or a bit of flab on her tummy, you won’t want to be with her anymore. Telling her how beautiful she is helps her forget about this anxiety.

Women are often worried about how long it takes them to have an orgasm. You have to put her at ease by telling her how much you love being with her, that you’ll stroke or lick her for hours if that’s what helps her enjoy herself.

Give a woman an orgasm – Step 2

Most women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Her clitoris is extremely sensitive to touch – even more sensitive than your fingertip.

Often the head of the clitoris, the pointed tip, is far too sensitive for direct pressure. You should focus on the sides of the clitoris. If you just touch her around her clitoris, you’ll drive her wild. When she gets excited, she may move to reposition herself so you’re stimulating her clitoris directly.

Using your tongue rather than your fingers is best. Your tongue is softer and more sensitive than your fingertips. Experiment with different levels of pressure, stroke and speed. Ask her which ones she likes best.

Give a woman an orgasm – Step 3

When you do find a particular stroke or caress that is really driving her wild, keep doing it. Don’t change anything about it. Don’t go faster, slower, softer, harder, or switch direction. This is an absolutely critical component in giving a woman an orgasm.

Just keep doing exactly the same thing until she lets you know she wants a change either through words or body movement. Keep going even if your hands or mouth get really tired!

Give a woman an orgasm – Step 4

A woman’s vagina is like a magic door – it will open and let you in once you’ve made it happy. You’ll know when she’s ready: she’ll have flushed skin, she’ll be breathing fast, her nipples will be hard, and she may be moaning. Then it’s time to move to the vagina.

Work from the outside in. Using your tongue or fingers, stroke the outer lips, inner lips, and vaginal canal. Go slowly, and give her time to enjoy every sensation.

Don’t try to penetrate her, with your fingers or your penis, unless she’s wet. Nothing’s more of a turn-off for a woman than your hard dry fingers grinding into her sensitive vaginal tissue! If she has trouble getting wet enough, use a good water-based or silicon lube.

Give a woman an orgasm – Step 5

For most women it’s difficult to achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. Many men will charge ahead, have their own orgasms, and want to roll over and fall asleep when women are just getting started.

By stimulating her clitoris before and during intercourse, you’re helping to insure she reaches orgasm while you’re inside her. In addition,

The first two inches of a woman’s vaginal canal are the most sensitive. Remember this when you’re inside her.

Choose positions that turn her on. Trying different positions can be a turn-on for both of you. If your lover is shy about telling you what she likes, just pay attention to her reactions when you’re in different positions. You’ll know when she gets really excited.

Tell her how much you love her, how much fun you’re having, and that you want to make love to her for hours. It’s all worth it when you’ve made her have three or four orgasms.

Not only will she love you forever, she’ll want you even more.

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