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How to Give a Woman an Orgasm

If you want to give a woman an orgasm, the holy grail of fooling around, you’ll need to be patient. You’ll need to maintain an open mind. You’ll need to follow these five steps. read more....

Better Sex Tips - 10 Tips for Better Sex

Having better sex is a question of being spontaneous and adventurous.  You must not be afraid to try new things and to keep your mind open. read more...

Clitoral or Vaginal Orgasm?

Discover the difference between Clitoral and Vaginal Orgasms and how to achieve either one.. read more...

Freeing the Female Orgasm (Coming Soon)

"Women's capacity for orgasm is awesome. They can come over and over again, and still be ready for more! This capacity seems almost limitless. read more..

Making Love the Way We Used to...Or Better (Coming Soon)

Within the last 15 years, intimate relations at midlife has made it to the talk show circuit. read more..

Tantric sex could be the key to better sex (Coming Soon)

Ask any men you know in long-term relationships if their sex lives have improved with age and all you’ll hear are embarrassed coughs followed by a rush to the bar to get the next round in. read more..

Great Sex Positions (Coming Soon)

Couples can get complacent, and a vigorous nightly ritual can become a lazy once a month activity. But it's never too late to inject some fun and excitement into your love life. read more..

This product line consists of capsules scientifically designed to help improve a woman's sexual experience and response.

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